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I received my Ph. Richard Hughes. My dissertation investigated the development of tolerance to morphine in infant rats. FromI worked as a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Iowa under the supervision of Dr. Gerald Gebhart.

I have worked in the field of neuropsychopharmacology and drug abuse for over 35 years, having been funded continuously by NIH since and publishing over research articles. My research interests are investigating the neurobehavioral effects of environmental enrichment and social influences on drug self-administration.

I am also are Looking for a sleeping buddy and more in medication development for substance use disorders. In addition to behavioral processes, our laboratory conducts work using chemogenetics, immunohistochemsitry, stereotaxic surgery and microdialyis with HPLC. Bardo, M. Individual differences and social influences on the neurobehavioral pharmacology of abused drugs.

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Pharmacological Reviews, 65 Vazquez-Sanroman, D. Nicotine self-administration remodels perineuronal nets in ventral tegmental area and orbitofrontal cortex in adult male rats. Addiction Biology, West Burke dick suckers Hofford, R. Effects of environmental enrichment on self-administration of the short-acting opioid remifentanil. Psychopharmacology, Maggio, S. Effects of the nicotinic agonist varenicline, nicotinic antagonist r-bPiDI, and DAT inhibitor R-modafinil on co-use of ethanol and nicotine in female P rats.

Psychopharmacology Weiss, V. Social reinstatement: a rat model of peer-induced relapse. People Map. Share this :.

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University Research Professor Cognitive Neuroscience. Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience. Graduate Training. Iowa State Univ. Selected Publications:. Full text Green, TA ;Bardo, MT "Opposite regulation of conditioned place preference and intravenous drug self-administration in rodent models: Motivational and non-motivational examples.

Full text Strauss, M. Full text Yates, JR ;Bardo, MT "Effects of intra-accumbal administration of dopamine and ionotropic glutamate receptor drugs on delay discounting performance in rats. Full text Darna, M. Full text Zhu, J. Molet, M. Full text Narayanaswami, V. Full text Fritz, M.

Full text Charnigo, R. Full text Marusich, JA ;Bardo, MT "Differences in impulsivity on a delay-discounting task predict self-administration of a low unit dose of methylphenidate in rats. Full text Gipson, CD ;Bardo, MT "Extended access to amphetamine self-administration increases impulsive choice in a delay discounting task in rats.

Full text Wooters, TE ;Bardo, MT "Nicotinic receptors differentially modulate the induction and expression of behavioral Sbf seeking swm for dating and Ovid to methylphenidate in rats.

Full text Dwoskin, LP ;Bardo, MT "Targeting nicotinic receptor antagonists as novel pharmacotherapies for tobacco dependence and relapse. Rahman, S. Full text Rahman, S. Zhu, J. Wooters, TE ;Bardo, MT "The monoamine oxidase inhibitor phenelzine enhances the discriminative stimulus effect of nicotine in rats.

Full text Gehrke, BJ ;Cass, WA ;Bardo, MT "Monoamine-depleting doses of methamphetamine in enriched and isolated rats: consequences for subsequent methamphetamine-induced hyperactivity and reward. Full text Champtiaux, N. Full text Green, TA ;Gehrke, BJ ;Bardo, MT "Environmental enrichment decreases intravenous amphetamine self-administration in rats: Girls looking for sex La Grande Washington functions for fixed- and progressive-ratio schedules.

Full text Klebaur, JE ;Bardo, MT "Individual differences in novelty seeking on the playground maze predict amphetamine conditioned place preference. Full text Bardo, MT ;Valone, JM ;Bevins, RA "Locomotion and conditioned place preference produced by acute intravenous amphetamine: role of dopamine receptors and individual differences in amphetamine self-administration.

Rowlett, JK ;Mattingly, BA ;Bardo, MT "Neurochemical correlates of behavioral sensitization following repeated apomorphine treatment: assessment of the role of D1 dopamine receptor stimulation. Full text McDougall, SA ;Bardo, MT "Ontogenetic changes in dopaminergic pre and postsynaptic elements in rat brain: effects of quinpirole and sulpiride. Blanchard, DC ;Cholvanich, P.

Bardo, MT ;Neisewander, JL "Chronic naltrexone supersensitizes the reinforcing and locomotor-activating effects of morphine. Full text Bardo, MT ;Miller, JS ;Risner, ME "Opiate receptor supersensitivity produced Beautiful women wants sex Rohnert Park chronic naloxone treatment: dissociation of morphine-induced antinociception and conditioned taste aversion. Full text Bardo, MT ;Bhatnagar, RK ;Gebhart, GF "Differential effects of chronic morphine and naloxone on opiate receptors, monoamines, and morphine-induced behaviors in preweanling rats.

Bardo, MT ;Hughes, RA "Exposure to a nonfunctional hot plate as a factor in the assessment of morphine-induced analgesia and analgesic tolerance in rats. Shock-elicited flight response in chickens as an index of morphine analgesia.

Sexy mattoon il Symposium on Motivation 50, 0 : Full text Bardo, MT "Neuropharmacological mechanisms of drug reward: beyond dopamine in the nucleus accumbens. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation 50, 0 : ix-xv.

Bardo, MT ;Schnur, P. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation 55, 0 : Dwoskin, LP ;Pivavarchyk, M. Fritz, M. may include incorrect citations. See: Tutorial on improving PubMed. This is SSL protected. Request new password.