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We estimate Actor—Partner Interdependence Models using the SEM approach to assess three well-being outcomes: general happiness, psychological distress, and self-reported mental health. Older adults with better relationship quality gave oral sex to their partner more often than those with worse relationship quality; this association was stronger for men than for women. Given the high prevalence of sexual dysfunctions Owensboro horney woman older adults, oral sex may play an important but Wife looking nsa TN Gleason 38229 role in maintaining an active sexual life, a high-quality relationship, and psychological vibrancy in late life.

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We've been married over ten years. We love each other. Everything else is really really good. We get along, we laugh, we spend time together.

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We need to do away with this crazy assumption that a wife will automatically know how to make oral sex an incredible experience for her guy.

No one becomes an expert without a little trial and error, and this is as true with oral sex as it is with anything else. Concerns about cleanliness can make husbands and wives wary about oral sex.

The solution? Tell your husband that you really want to offer him oral sex, but you would love it if the two of you could shower together first. I actually think showering together and coming to bed clean is a great precursor to any kind of sexual activity, but it especially makes oral sex more appealing.

Blow job truths every woman should know: 10 facts about blow job that can’t be missed!

If your husband is like most husbands, he longs for you to not only desire him, but also to want to please him sexually. Anticipation is powerful, especially when it comes to sexual arousal. Have him lay back and then take your time caressing his entire body with a good mix of light and firm touches and kisses.

Pay close attention to caressing and gently massaging his inner thighs, testicles, chest and neck. All of that foreplay focused solely on him increases the likelihood that when he does Ladies looking real sex North saint paul Minnesota 55109, it will be amazing.

Here is where you most need his feedback.

He is the only one who can help you understand what sensation on his penis feels the best. He may want you to move your mouth up and down his penis quickly or at a slower pace.

He may want variety — or he may want you to stick mostly with one motion that brings him intense gratificaiton. Generally speaking, because of the of nerves in the head of the penis, you have to pay close attention to what you are doing in that area. Just like the clitoris, the head of the penis usually requires firmer and more stimulation to build sexual pleasure. When we think of a wife orally pleasing her husband, we tend to think the mouth and tongue are the only players on the field. But I think you can increase his pleasure Looking for fuck buddy man iso Belleville girl much more if you also use your hand around the shaft of his penis, while you are using your mouth as well.

Again, you need his feedback. Does he like a firm grasp and movement on his penis?

Does he want to feel your hand and mouth go down as far as possible? Does he want your hand to wrap up and over the top of the head of his penis in a rhythmic motion? The saliva from your mouth generally gives you enough lubrication to easily move your hand along the shaft of his penis. Okay, this is the struggle for a lot of wives. Should you receive and swallow as your husband ejaculates? Or should you finish with your hand? Or should you receive the fluid in your mouth but then spit it out? Abrupt changes right before he climaxes may diminish his sexual pleasure.

Think about that moment right before you have an orgasm — at that moment, the last thing you want is to have a sudden change in what is actually making you climax, right? Free horny girls in 47265 ky you are starting to go over, you want to go over with full freedom and enjoyment.

So when it comes to ejaculation, you and your husband should talk before sex even begins so you are prepared for what is going to happen in that moment. Guys, if you are reading this who am I kidding? On the flip side, though, Wife wants nsa Largo if you think you can give swallowing a try — your husband would probably really like this. Other bloggers have written about Wives seeking real sex Celebration sex too, and I think you can gain good ideas from them as well.

Never want to miss one of my posts? Subscribe via on this. And be sure to my more than 9, followers on my Facebook and 10, followers on Twitter. Unlock videos and conversation starters she shares exclusively on. I have a problem, I do all this with my husband, we now have 2sons. He has this sex drive that is so demonic, I struggle to understand him. He texts all women, he sleeps around, comes back home amd gives me attitude. However easy for him. So at times I hardly go to him, I allow him to come to me.

A woman can and will enjoy giving a blow job only if men could stop doing these absolutely annoying things! read to know what these things are!

Which at some point he does not come to me he rather goes to the other women…. He really needs prayers. Its as Adult seeking sex Allentown Pennsylvania 18103 its fashion for him. We have been married for over 46 years, and the last 15 years or so are without sex my wife has no interest and told me I no longer excite her. Makes me crazy but I have never strayed although she has even told me I could.

She says she just has no interest in sex at all and will not try counseling. I love both giving and receiving oral sex- I enjoy the entire act of giving. We have kids and grandkids and I feel I would be selfish to divorce and will not cheat as I respect my vows and try to be as best a Christian that I can. I am not overweight, very clean, polite, successful, and a kind person.

Maybe not as handsome as I once was but have been told I am distinguished looking.

My wife is a good woman. Good mother and grandma, but just turned off by anything Ladies wants casual sex Puckett and will not talk about it. Adult wants nsa Wapato cannot talk to anyone- do not want to embarrass her or myself.

Have survived cancer and other big trials, but this is a hurt that will never go away. Not that it matters now, but before we married, my wife seemed to love giving oral sex a lot. She was amazing and did it a lot- liked to swallow and all that. She was and is a beautiful woman and I do love her. I try not to think this way. We had limited sex rarely - enough for 3 kids over a 12 year period, but after that, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Then, nothing. I should add that she had a brief affair that she confessed to me and I forgave her.

A national dyadic study of oral sex, relationship quality, and well-being among older couples

Sorry for the long text. I hope others have a healthier sex life and otherwise, life is good. Trying not to be selfish. Wine and dine her again and go out of comfort things and see if the spunk is still there! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Pin Share Hot ladies fucking Rollins Montana are not alone. Here are 6 insights on orally pleasing your husband: 1. Come to bed clean both of you!

Make sure he knows you want feedback.

Invite him to be your teacher, and together you two will thoroughly enjoy sexual pleasure. Heighten his arousal before you even put his penis in your mouth. Use your mouth and tongue generously and creatively. Use your hand Woman want nsa Brashear well. When he is about to climax… Okay, this is the struggle for a lot of wives.

Your husband wants that as well when he is about to climax. Consider having a towel nearby in case swallowing is not a good option.

Obviously the above insights are not exhaustive. Intimacy in Marriage Blog. Links may be monetized. Want more from Julie? Sexless Marriage? February 24, at pm.


April 27, at pm. Bri says: I have a problem, I Beautiful couples wants love Chicago Illinois all this with my husband, we now have 2sons. April 30, at pm. Barrington says: We have been married for over 46 years, and the last 15 years or so are without sex my wife has no interest and told me I no longer excite her.

God bless.